Competition, exhibitions and sale

Arranging an animal competition, exhibition, fair or public sale requires permission, harmonised with the local office of Agriculture and Food Board, on the territory of which the event will take place.

It is prohibited to administer any substances affecting their capability (doping) to animals engaged in competitions. A veterinarian has always to accompany competitions to control the accordance with the requirements of animal welfare during the competitions and stopping the competition, if necessary.

Public demonstration of animals is permitted in a zoo and if harmonized with the local office of Agriculture and Food Board, on the animal exhibitions, competitions, fairs or public auction sales as well. A zoo is a place where animals are being demonstrated for public 7 and more days per year. Requirements for keeping animals in a zoo are established by Regulation of the Government No 245 of 8 July 2004 „Requirements for planning and buildings of a zoo and for keeping of animals in a zoo“.

In order to keep a zoo an activity licence is required, issued by the respective environmental service of the Ministry of Environment. Issuing of activity licences to zoos is governed by Regulation of the Government No 237 of 19 September 2003 „List of documentation required to apply for the activity licence of a zoo, proceeding the application and issuing the activity licence“.

Selling an animal or handing it over in any other way, either paid or free of charge, to a person younger than 16 years is permitted only by agreement with his/her parent or a legal representative. Animal is not permitted to be used as the prize of a lottery, hazarding or any other similar event.

Last updated: 15.12.2020