Organisation of supervision

As provided by the Food Act and the Statutes of theAgriculture and Food Board (hereinafter the Board), the Board shall organise and conduct governmental supervision in all the spheres of handling and over the materials and objects, specified in Article 1 (12) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and European Council No. 1935/2004/EC.

In the process of supervision the Board shall assess the conformity of the food, materials and items intended to be in contact with food, manufacturing, processing and marketing of such materials and items and the operator and handling procedures. By general rule, supervision is conducted without giving the entity a prior notice.

In addition to the Board, governmental supervision over the compliance with the requirements concerning the provision of information and the accuracy of the information provided by a retail operator shall be conducted by the consumer protection board.

The structure of the Agriculture and Food Board includes the central office and 15 local authorities. The planning and coordination of supervision of food safety and quality is the function of the central authority, above all, the Food Department. The planning of activities is based on the type of food handling operators (for example, operators involved in transport of food, operators storing food, operators involved in manufacture of food, retail operators), food groups (for example, milk and dairy products, honey, egg products), food types (for example, innovated food, GM-food, food additives, additives, specialty food) and type of research (for example, contaminants, residues, microorganisms in food).

The function of the local authorities is the implementation of the planned activities according to the established goals and objectives and conduct of supervisory activities.

Last updated: 14.12.2020